How to spend playing Pokemon

Despite the hundreds of animals to collect and the vast space to explore, the end of Pokemon is still incredibly limited. If I wanted to train the old way, my options were to run the championship a hundred times or fight wild Pokemon. I finally chose the candy method.

Isle of Armor brings some new features, but does not add long-term value to the base game. The closest is the new restricted combat mode, which is a challenging type of battle tower. Once the story was over, I went back to when I was there when I won this game last year: a PC full of PCs and nothing with them.

Game Frick’s doubts about the modernization of the franchisee’s business model were justified from the beginning. Maybe Pokemon games can be won for good. Maybe the fun is over. The Icon of Armor isn’t a solid case for changing the amount of time you have to spend playing Pokemon, but it’s a sunny distance as you wait for their next journey to begin.

The Isle of Armor is a light summer vacation for new and old players. Emphasis is placed on exploration based on base game experiments in Open World Design. DKC missed the opportunity to transform Pokemon Swords and Shields in the long run but this gives players a good reason to see.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s The Isle of Armor DLC is as inevitable as it is bold for the franchise. The series has always flaunted the idea that Pokemon is a long-tailed service game, but it brought babies to the altar.

Because there is always a strange tension in Game Freak’s approach to its main role-playing game. Players are asked to bond with their monsters for life, but simply toss them when next year’s sequel or remake arrives. The Isle of Armor was the first time the developer told players to continue their journey instead of running around in search of a new adventure.

While the expansion doesn’t have the space to turn a Pokemon Sword and Shield into a glamorous racing experience, Isle of Armor is a nice little puzzle that improves on some of the best basic game ideas.

The extension is on a brand new island to the east of the UK-flavored Swords and Shields gallery. The Isle of Armor title is a different experience, trading in industrial cities with sunny beaches like the aloe vera region of the sun and the moon.

The Compact Venue is the second successful draft of the Wild Area, a large, broad-based play area featuring Pokemon. While the wilderness area often feels disconnected from the rest of the game, the idea of ​​a new island is a more natural implementation. Lush marshes intertwine in endless caves and shady forests. Moving from one place to another made it feel like the island was a cohesive ecosystem.

It’s not just the island’s interconnected design that makes it work best. The story of the expansion is based on the new location. The Isle of Armor sends players to the dojo and asks them to complete a series of trials. Each mission has less to do with battle and more to do with exploring every corner of the island. One of the first tasks sends players through three swamps (a delicious oximer) to explore the swamps. It’s a cute micro mission that gives good reason to take it easy.

The best example of that design comes from a sub-quest that tells players to keep track of 150 Alon Diglets. The animals are scattered throughout the areas of all the islands, and players receive solitary Pokemon in exchange for finding them. To find it all, players must find every digit and madness of the new location. It’s a simple action that rewards learning from the inside out.

The exploration-focused game business is very light on DLC battles. There are a handful of little fights throughout the campaign that may not be necessary. Came to the island with a Pushingon team at level 50. Opponents count a bit on the players level, so someone who has just started a sword and shield can enter the correct pop, but I often find it 10 levels below my opponents. . He was just a pelican in almost every battle.

The credits in it are devoid of challenges for those who continue to play Pokemon Swords and Shields after the roll, but it’s not about beating the Isle of Armor difficulty. This is a sightseeing tour for players of all skill levels to enjoy.

It’s hard to revisit Sword and Shield without contemplating the Dexit “controversy” that didn’t hurt the game’s sales record. For some Dieharts, Game Freak’s decision to reduce the number of Pokemon in the game haunted the series’ coffin. Others liked the move, which served as a goal for Galer’s Pokedex.

Even after the conflicting statements from the game fan, it was very clear that the games would add more animals. Like Clockwork, Isle of Armor brings more than 100 Pokemon to the game, including many of the original 151 favorites.

Adding time is effective on some levels. For fans who are conditioned to catch “Em All”, there is a new Pokédex to fill out. The competitive scene is new too, with Pokemon entering the online arena in the Games’ past. Meanwhile, those who felt bad about not having the original cut because of their preference have reason to celebrate.

Some of the newer Gigantamax shapes and prints lead to the Slim-Down roster at the beginning of Sword and Shield due to expansion, encouraging battles. If November’s Crown Tundra DLC adds another piece, the final version of the game should feel closer to what the namesakes first wanted.

After exploring the island for a few hours and not taking the story tasks lightly, I ran into an obstacle in the form of a velodrome. In order for the campaign to progress, I need to develop Kubfu, the latest expansion Pokemon.


Updated: August 24, 2020 — 8:44 am

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