How to Amazon has a strong track record with the Echo device

A comprehensive Alexa app overhaul brings ease of use to the setup process, allowing you to quickly connect to compatible devices.

Setting up a new echo dot remains simple. The device will be registered in your Amazon account unless specifically asked at the point of purchase. Android and iOS users will have to download the Alexa app on a mobile device if it is not already installed, then log in to their Amazon account.

From there, the new updated version of the Alexa app makes connecting devices and groups easier than before. Click Add Device, select Echo Speaker, and your new Echo Dot will be ready and wait for the job. A few more clicks, and the speaker is ready to go.

If you prefer to use Spotify with Amazon Music or Pandora (including Pandora Premium), then you need to set Spotify as your preferred music service within the Alexa app. That way, when you prompt Alexa to play music or playlists, the speaker will default to Spotify – not required to specify that you want the “Spotify Starred Playlist” for example. Just say, “Alexa, turn on the starred playlist.”

We’ve actually got the cat out of the bag – the new Echo Dot sounds much nicer than the previous version – but we also want to point out that this new speaker looks impressive for its size. To put things in perspective, we tested the new Echo Dot against the Google Home Mini, and the Dot won a mile. The Echo Dot is three times smoother, has a moderate mid-range sound buzzer, and provides significantly less responsiveness than the Google Home Mini. In comparison, Google’s speaker sounds a bit harsh – at higher volumes we have to lower the volume, but the new Echo Dot can run at full volume and not only play louder, but it avoids distortion and loss of hearing. It is a pleasure

In addition, smaller tweeters were still able to record our wake-up word commands, even when the music was shot at full volume. The Echo Dot excels all purposefully, making it the best compact smart speaker on the market today.

Optional one-year, two-year or three-year extended warranties are available as a separate purchase.

Those looking for more bells and whistles in a smart speaker should see an Echo Spot Alarm ($ 130) or Echo Show ($ 230), like a display. The Lenovo Smart Display (starting at $ 199) is a great choice for Google Assistant fans.

Amazon has a strong track record with the Echo device. With Alexa regularly updating and upgrading firmware, to make the voice assistant smarter than ever, a third-generation dot release should be at least until Amazon releases a new one in a few years . Still, at $ 50 a pop, you can buy a fourth version when it is released.

We were a little surprised by the 90-day warranty, as Amazon products usually come with a one-year warranty. However, unless you consider the device to be a hockey puck, it should last you two years or more. Amazon and Alexa are going nowhere.

Yes, without a doubt. It is the best mini smart speaker on the market, and you will not be disappointed.

The Echo Dot is always smarter than the speaker. The Echo Dot was originally designed to provide cheap and easy access to Alexa, and was never about sound quality. In addition to making Alexa sound audible and playing music at volume levels that barely function as wake-up calls, the best dot was the sound source for a large speaker system. But with the latest version of Echo Dot, all this has changed.

Larger and more powerful than before, the third-generation Echo Dot ($ 50) is a decent speaker. In fact, this new point makes us wonder if it will affect sales of Amazon’s standard Echo speakers – it’s much better.

Opening the turquoise echo dot box shows which speaker has received an apparent repair. The new dot look still looks like hockey, and is still quite compact, but you can see it much larger. Taking the speaker shows that it also carries some weight.

The dot is treated with a more severe proliferation of new, slightly wider base anti-slip silicon, which feels great. The top of the speaker has the same set of four control buttons, each next to a pin-shaped microphone hole, although this time the microphone mute button has a different icon.

The speaker is wrapped in surround fabric (depending on charcoal, heath gray, or sandstone color choice), similar to the Apple HomePod, which looks like it is bound to stain, especially if it is in the kitchen, Although we hope that a sponge and some detergent help light them respectfully in clean.

One of the surprising changes for the new dot is the new power distribution. Amazon ate the micro-USB port and went with a small cylindrical DC power terminal and a round wall jack.

Under the fabric cover is a 1.6-inch 360 ° speaker. This is a big jump from previous models, which used a small amplifier and leak sound from holes in multiple ports with little effort to convince users that they transmit sound in every direction.

Outside of this major difference, the primary function of the point remains the same. The speaker is the gateway to the integrated Alexa voice assistant, which can answer questions, make phone calls, set kitchen timers, provide the latest news, and more.

For example, “Alexa, turn on the master bedroom light”, will say just that, provided these lights are connected via the Alexa app. Alexa works with thousands of smart home appliances (some of our favorites here), including locks, lights, cameras, and video doorbells. Heck, there are also robot lawn mowers Alexa can control.


Updated: September 19, 2020 — 5:34 am

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