Best Travel Beauty Essentials

Going to the nearest spa during your trip may dent your pocket. As much as you want some grand day, saving a penny or two won’t hurt. However, this should not be an excuse to neglect your skin. Packing a good exfoliator will rejuvenate and save you money.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera should always be on your packing list. The gel present in natural aloe vera goes a long way in achieving smooth skin. Finding it at your destination is no guarantee. To be on the safe side, always carry your own, especially if you are visiting tropical destinations.


People have different skin types. Your skin may be, for example, oily, dry or normal. Even if you lie, a moisturizer is a must visit. Whether you are going to the coast, or camping, always keep it with you.

Before purchasing one, make sure that you are doing extensive research of the ingredients. Therefore, you can settle on what you like best. Always look alive

Pumice stone

The Pumice Stone is the last thing you would probably consider adding to your packing list. If you travel a lot, it’s time you tried a pumice stone. After a long day of adventure, your muscles are tired, and your feet are full of dead skin.

A pumice stone does not help with muscle, but you can use it to get rid of dead skin, especially if you have spent the day in sandals. Pumice stones are light and small, so they are easy to pack.

Charcoal-Peel-off Mask

If your skin is oily and prone to breakouts, consider traveling with a charcoal-peel-off mask. The mask will rid your skin of any excess oil, leaving you feeling refreshed. If you follow the instructions keenly, you should take a walk in the park using them. Get that shine!


Traveling means that you have to change the climate. Shift may not be suitable for your lips. Too much heat or cold can leave you with cracked lips during your journey. To avoid such bouts, make sure you always pack a lip balm.

You should be careful not to buy balms that contain alcohol as they can also leave you to dry.


As much as you are traveling, you should never look dull. You need to look vibrant. A good blush is essential for your skin to radiate you life. The challenge is to choose a light shade.

Take your time and spell on your skin to choose the right one. If you are trying to pack light, replace the brush with tissue paper.


What are we doing without flaws? If you have something on your face, hiding them does not make you any less vulnerable. When traveling, always carry this essential product to look lossless.

If your skin is dry, then the drugstore foundation for dry skin is all you need. The foundation looks so natural, lifts your confidence up a notch.

cotton buds

Usually, we only use cotton buds for cleaning our ears. However, necessity is the mother of invention. While traveling, you can use cotton buds for a variety of activities.

Do you have regular ointments that you should have despite infection? Use cotton buds to apply them. You, as well, can use them to clean them after removing makeup.
Makeup remover wipes

After wearing makeup throughout the day, always take it off before retiring to bed. Makeup remover wipes come in handy. They should be on your packing list for every trip.

Hair care

You can spend your journey in intense activities, which will make your hair dirty and sweaty. Although bad days exist, do not let them happen when you are having a good time. Packing a shampoo and conditioner bar means that you can easily wash your hair in your hotel room.

Use a one-time shampoo. In addition to being carry-on approved, they are eco-friendly. The fact that it is all at once is easy to pack and can last for several months.

Straight iron

You can plan to attend an event during your trip. You need to see all the glam from head to toe while watching it. The problem comes when you need to straighten your hair. Unlike a hair dryer, getting a straight iron can prove difficult. Hairdryers are also readily available in hotel rooms.

Bringing yours is the best idea. Apart from straightening your hair, you can also use it to straighten your clothes.

Updated: September 28, 2020 — 10:53 am

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