Month: May 2020

Case Study Campfire + WebPurify

Background: Campfire created an award-winning promotional campaign for the Cinemax Show Hunted which included an interactive microsite, where users were invited to join the show’s private intelligence organization. This “recruitment” process involved conducting covert psychological tests, including the creation of a child’s drawing. This is where the team at WebPurify came into play for medium […]

There’s No Rewind

Recently, YouTube users discovered some sinister pieces of content, once again exposing the risk to user-generated videos, and more broadly, guaranteeing that the totality of the human condition would always reflect – along with evil -Good with -Anywhere the user is -Correct content online. As reported by The Washington Post, a parent watching the cartoon […]

Taking Advantage of Social Media Contests

In 2007, Facebook and Twitter did ground work for the social media competition by introducing features such as fan pages and hashtags respectively. However, contests by brands do not really take off as long as platforms that support visual content, such as Pinterest and Instagram, gave users the opportunity to create more compelling content. Since […]